Daisy Wheel

60 years of experience and innovation for paint manufacturers and refinishers now makes it possible for Fillon Technologies to put its new, original Daisy WHEEL mixing machine on the market.

Its unequalled technology will revolutionise the sector by including three crucial paint preparation operations: product dosing, conservation and storage. The ultimate strength is its automated colour preparation. Refinishers can therefore use it to be able to focus on their core trade: applying paint, which is where their greatest added value lies.

Daisy WheelDosing precision

Precise and repeatable dispensing. The right colour every time.

Precision of + / - 0.05g. Can actually cut the normal size of a drop linked to surface tension.

Ideally adapted to “spot” repairs. Dispense only the required amounts for less paint waste.


Maximized paint conservation
Daisy Wheel

Drastically reduced solvent evaporation (approx. 1% to 2% instead of 4% to 12% today depending on paint type).

No coagulation linked to air contact meaning less paint loss and a better quality.



Daisy WheelTime savings

Lets the operator know the exact remaining paint levels in the machine for easy, rapid and proactive stock management.

A positive gain in the organization of the repair process as the 100% automatic dispensing process allows the painter to maximize car preparation time.

No need for colorists to bring base colors back and forth to the dispensing area.

Optimized working conditions
Daisy Wheel

A more comfortable and secure working environment as physical contact with the paint is drastically reduced.

No more: Lifting heavy cans of paint and holding them in the air while dispensing; Pinching levers while dispensing for varied times; Wiping excess paint drops from lid spouts, work surfaces and scales; Danger of breathing paint vapors while dispensing requiring the use of a filtered mask


SpecificationsDaisy Wheel

Machine dimension: 105cm x 105cm x 65cm
Table dimensions: 900mm x 615mm x 645mm
Machine weight: 80 Kg
Machine capacity: from 96 x 1L up to 160 x 0.5L (according to paint manufacturer configuration) Can dose cups from 50mL to 2L
Electrical data: P (W): 400U (V): 100-240 (50-60Hz)I (A): 4 max
Air network: 6 < P < 10 bars
Certification: Atex Zone 2